Meet Me


    My long term goal is to insure financial literacy for our students--Click here to learn more.  Therefore, I have added several educational videos to help you and/or your children understand a bit more about personal finance and why I think it's crucial that we teach it--Under Free Resources.   By increasing literacy in STEAM skills, our graduates can better compete in high tech fields, while increasing problem solving skills and overall literacy.  With an educated pool of workers, we will attract those environmentally friendly businesses our community is requesting.  I would advocate for more opportunities to learn trades.  We do have Rumsey, but our children are driving 90 minutes a day to participate in the programs. So, another long range goal would be to develop programs in Jefferson County schools.  Our school system must provide an equal, high-quality education to all students, no matter their race, gender or ability level. As a minimum, all schools should have working heat and air conditioning and updated security. Finally, the school board ought to be fiscally responsible as we address all issues. 


  • taught all ages, levels and socioeconomic levels for over 30 years.
  • BS degrees in Elementary Education and Mathematics (Towson University), MS degrees in      Psychology & Special Education (concentration in neuroscience/ Johns Hopkins University) and a PhD in Educational Measurement, Statistics, Research & Evaluation (Virginia Tech)
  • certified in Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Special Education
  • have been a middle school coach and sport's official for our high school students
  • supervised student teachers for 15 years at various universities--helps me to understand the complexities of hiring and supervising teachers
  • chaired dissertations for school principals and other educators for the past 10 years
  • With my PhD in Educational Research, I am kept abreast of the latest and best research and practices in education. So, I can interpret data, statistics and graphs presented to me as a board member.
       My children went through the Jefferson County school system, so I understand some of the struggles and hardships that many of our students and families face. As a school board member, I will work for greater accountability, transparency and accessibility, so that the school system is a place for support, understanding and communication.


        I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am and I look forward to meeting with you at one of forums or other community events. Please ask me anything that may help you with your vote and please, vote for me!

Thank you.

Donna Joy