Why I Am A Candidate

      I am passionate about education, as indicated by my numerous degrees and experience. 

 I believe that I have the skills, experience and knowledge needed to improve Jefferson County Public Schools. 

 I want to help our schools exceed the quality of those in our neighboring counties.

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   Thank you everyone who voted for me.  Those who didn't, welcome to my page. too. 

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Stop wasteful spending

Direct funds to research based

children's programs.

Make needed repairs--HVAC, leaking roofs, JHS track, etc.

Increase student 

achievement--not just graduation rates through credit recovery

Personal Finance requirement for graduation

Global Warming/Environmental literacy requirement

Improve School Safety--

Discipline as needed

Overhaul Special Education to meet  federal requirements

Secure attractive teacher incentives for retention --locality pay, etc.

Anti Bullying

Cool to be Kind initiative!

Create a welcoming community for all parents, teachers and students

Increase STEAM focus

Transition program creation

What A School Board Should Offer


   Parents, teachers and staff ought to know how to deal with issues as they arise. The board has an obligation to the community to make that process clear and make themselves available. I suggest posting on the school system's website, a clear step-by-step process for conflict resolution. 



   The public has a right to know where, why and how money is spent and have input on all policies and programs. As a board member, I will encourage and strive for transparency in all board actions. I suggest creating a school board website  that posts the public concerns, suggestions and proposed solutions.  Additionally, regular town halls and forums should be held to address the community concerns.  



   Our superintendent and schools ought to be held to the highest standards. A board member is       responsible for overseeing that 

this is occurring.